The Maverick

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The Maverick is an artistically designed bed that brings modern and rustic characteristics into any room.  We seem to refer to it as "modern retro" or "deco".  Each randomly selected reclaimed barn wood plank is placed carefully to achieve a truly unique and trendy pattern.  Each plank measures between 3/4" and 1" in thickness and are permanently secured to a heavy sub flooring to create an overly made and durable surface.  You are able to choose from a couple of options here on an overall color scheme by selecting a "mostly" dark combination of boards comprising of dark grays, dark browns, and possibly ebony, or a lighter combination which will comprise of light browns, light grays, and possibly off-whites.  If you prefer mostly all brown combinations, or an all gray combination, please go to our Custom Order Inquiry form to request that option.  The king size bed is also available in a platform configuration designed for the use of a mattress only.