Q & A

Q - "How do I maintain or clean my table's surface?"

A - Great question!  Please use a damp rag to wipe the table surface, and please never use a bleach or other harsh cleaners.  You can also wax with your favorite spray or paste every few months if needed.


Q - "Can I call you directly to make payment over the phone?"

A - Yes, the over the phone payment method we use is through Square, so you are able to immediately received a receipt of payment by email or text.


Q - "Hey Moses... LOL  Would it be possible to call you with any changes I want to make to a bed design you offer?" 

A - Moses says, yes!  We will be glad to do this over the telephone.  And you can also place your order while we are speaking directly. 


Q - "We met at the Scott Antique show last year and I was wondering if I could still order something that you used to make that I do not see on your web site?"

A - Absolutely!  Just give us a call or email us with a description along with a photo or two of the item you saw last year.  We'll be glad to put it on the schedule!  


Q - "Do you still make big panel beds using old distressed reclaimed doors with its decorative iron knob plate still attached?"

A - We no longer offer those on our website but, yes, you can special order one.  These old panel doors are becoming more difficult to find but please call at your convenience and we can get one on order for you.  We now exclusively hand make these panels from solid reclaimed and/or new wood to mimic an old door.  The material used depends on each one's finish as they are ordered.  These beds can be requested with or without distressing to accommodate each individual's style of décor.  


Q - "Are you able to make a Seaside or Tidewater with a dark stain instead of finished in a paint color?"

A - Yes! That would be a special order but we can build these beds to your specifications or needs to match your home or décor.     


Q - "My children were jumping on a bed we bought from you a few months back and the rail cracked.  Is your work guaranteed, or do you warrantee your products?" 

A - All of our products are guaranteed to always function under normal circumstances or use as intended when they were designed and built.  I really appreciate your honesty and we can certainly make you a new rail.  Please call me at the shop and we'll work out the details. 


Q - "Can I order a huge 16 foot rustic old heart pine table for a hunting cabin?  And can you ship it or will I need to make arrangements to have it picked up?  Our cabin is located at ********** only four hours from your shop."

A - Yes, you can most certainly order this made with historical heart pine.  There may be a longer turn around time and slight price increase than usual depending on the availability of this material.  I will get back to you within 24 hours with an answer and we can discuss the details as soon as I have some better information for you.  I will check for a reasonable shipping rate but we can possibly make a delivery such as this ourselves with our big trailer since you are so close if you find it inconvenient to make a pick up.  


Q - "Should my rough sawn rustic table be developing little surface cracks since we bought it last month?

A - As long as these little cracks are not gaps...  Please forward us a picture or two.  As I mentioned during your purchase, small splits and movement in the wood is to be expected as the seasons change but we do not want to see boards pulling apart or large gaps appearing.  If this is the case we will repair or replace your item at no charge to you.  I will follow up shortly with a phone call!